Jelly babies, dead and pretty

Is it really, really wrong to find pictures of dead baby animals adorable?

OK, the animals in question are sea anemones and jellyfish, but I still feel kind of perverted for the sentiment. But seriously, look at this young polyp of a starlet sea anemone (stained blue because the point of this image was the expression of the muscleLIM2 gene, not the cuteness of the creature ;)):


It looks like a little slug! D’awwww!

(I think I may be reading too much Featured Creature… ^.^;)

And then there’s this baby jellyfish, with fluorescent stains for actin protein and cell nuclei…


… or a field full of poppies, depending on your point of view! 😀

[Both images are from the supplementary figures of Steinmetz et al. (2012), Nature 487:231-234.]

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