Hi! *waves*

This space was created out of an irresistible urge to thrust my moments of science-related *squee* and *headdesk* on the unsuspecting public. I have a PhD in (the general region of) evolutionary developmental biology, which is possibly the coolest field of study humanity has ever invented (OK, maybe cosmology can compete ;)). As you may have guessed, I think science is a wonderful thing, but not nearly as wonderful as the nature it studies. The living world can be wacky, beautiful, confusing and plain creepy by turns, but it never fails to be amazing. I hope that in all my endless verbosity, I can get some of the wonder across.

Why Cambrian Mammal? First of all, of course, I’m a mammal. Second, I have a long-standing interest in palaeontology, and the Cambrian explosion has fascinated me ever since I first discovered it in this amazing book. Third, I’m involved in the creationism “controversy” (you guess which side). The Precambrian rabbit is an iconic response to the claim – commonly made by creationists – that evolution is unfalsifiable. Cambrian Mammal is meant to rhyme with that.

And the obligatory disclaimer, in case you know who I am: this blog contains my personal ramblings. Though I try not to spew nonsense or make offensive comments, any that creep in under my radar are mine and mine alone. My supervisor, my institution, my colleagues, friends, family and pets, and the people whose work I draw on, had no part in them.