I believe I can fly…

I feel like I should let the interwebz know I still exist. I’ve been doing a little too much computer-based work to have any typing energy left for proper meanderings, but in the meantime, I’d like to present one of my favourite pieces of palaeo-related fun. Meet Alain Bénéteau’s Archie, the early bird who tried a little too hard 🙂

The entire series can be found on deviantART. (If you are into palaeoart, his entire gallery is well worth checking out. Dinosaurs and extinct sharks galore, all gorgeous and life-like.)

Distinguished company

It hasn’t been long since my friend published her awesome ghost Hox paper, and it has already earned her a great honour. It seems a creationist found it and tried to wrestle it into supporting creationism. (Judging by the comments at Marmotism, he failed big time, in most of the usual creationist ways.)

And with that, young Olivia enters the distinguished company of evolutionary biologists whose works got misrepresented by creationists. Dunno about everyone else, but I’d be pretty proud to belong with the likes of Stephen Jay Gould, Jerry Coyne and Doug Erwin even in such a crooked way…(Sorry, I’ll get off gloating and back to science any time now.)