I has new addiction?

Eduroam is finally letting me play Phylo, a game about aligning DNA sequences. (Woo-hoo! The things that make me happy…) In the game, they are made of coloured blocks, not letters, and there’s an annoying background music you could theoretically turn off but it’s kind of part of the experience. And I can’t. Stop. Playing.

It’s quite interesting, though, in a way.

Things I’ve learnt so far:

1. I have no patience for this shit.

2. Consequently, I suck at DNA sequence alignment.

3. But I’m still better than a computer.

4. Rodents are weird.

It’s a little scary how often and how easily I can beat the computer’s score when I’m not even seriously trying. And there’s not enough excess human brainpower in the world to do all the aligning that needs doing. I suppose the problem is that there isn’t enough computer power either, which is why programmers have to settle for such shitty algorithms in the first place.

I wonder how the same game would look with protein sequences. I guess colour-coding 20 different amino acids would be a little tougher than four bases…

(Hey, idea. Someone should make a game out of Hox gene classification. Wonder if that would solve the problem I spent my undergrad project trying and failing to solve…)